Retail Fuel

Price sign and gas station

Brands and Fuel Products

Midland Oil delivers the following Phillips 66, Citgo, Conoco, and 76 fuels to gas stations in the Midwest and beyond:

  • Ultra Low Dyed Diesel Supreme
  • Ultra Low Dyed #2 Premium Diesel for off road use
  • Ultra Low Undyed Diesel Supreme
  • Ultra Undyed Low Sulfur Premium Diesel for road use
  • Unleaded (87), Plus (89) and Premium (93) gasoline
  • Gasohol (87)
  • Fuel oil #1 and #2

Fuel Transport Options

Minimum orders are typically 8,500 gal. for gasoline and 7,500 for diesel and other distillates. Contact us for other options.

Diesel Fuel

Midland Oil delivers premium diesel fuel that:

  • won’t harm engines with buildup of harmful deposits.
  • is compatible with technology such as electronic controls, fuel injection and variable injection, and turbo charging.
  • maximize torque & horsepower.
  • contain protective additives.
  • result in lower emissions.
  • improve fuel mileage.
  • reduce or eliminate filter issues.
  • prevent cold-weather-related issues.
  • help maximize horsepower.

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