Government & Fleet Fuel


Whether you need fuel for school buses, emergency vehicles, or government projects, we can help.


Midland Oil delivers the highest quality fuel to state and municipal government customers including:

  • Ultra Low Dyed Diesel Supreme
  • Ultra Low Dyed #2 Premium Diesel for off-road use
  • Ultra Low Undyed Diesel Supreme
  • Ultra Undyed Low Sulfur Premium Diesel for road use
  • Unleaded (87), Plus (89) and Premium (93) gasoline
  • Gasohol (87)
  • Fuel oil #1 and #2

*Gasohol – minimum 150 gallon order per delivery

Transport Service

Midland Oil transports bulk fuel with minimum delivery requirements of 8,500 gallons for gasoline and 7,500 gallons for diesel and other distillates.

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